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Testimonials | Members  
Mission Statement for
SunCrest Alpaca Ranch

To raise and breed Alpacas
for great conformation,
superb fleece with a gentle
and kind disposition.

To be number one in
customer service, and see
others fulfill their dreams
in the Alpaca business.

(509) 393-9152
16637 Road 9 NW
Quincy, WA 98848


We established SunCrest Alpacas in 2006 when these graceful, gentle animals first won our hearts. Our 40-acre ranch in the heart of Washington State is dedicated exclusively to raising alpacas, and we specialize in helping others get started in the industry. Our services include alpaca sales, breeding, yearly shearing, transportation, boarding and training. We also buy and sell fleece and yarn.

People who purchase alpacas from us are invited to become SunCrest Members. Members enjoy numerous benefits including all the training and assistance they need to successfully raise alpacas on their own property, big or small. Helpful industry information, training sessions, seminars, forms, auctions and a network of friends are among the many benefits of SunCrest.

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